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Every gamer has their preference in the tools they use to get a cyber-athletic edge. When outfitting the unique needs of each player, keep them competitive with the modern standards.

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Consoles are the most popular way for consumers to game in the United States. Console sales spiked by 36% in 2020 and have continued to grow since then. Consoles have a low barrier to entry due to their price point, and ease of use.

Console Gaming Manufacturer Resources

Console Gaming Manufacturers

Live Streaming and Broadcasting have become essential tools for communication and entertainment in everyday life, providing opportunities for people to connect with others and share their experiences with a global audience. D&H supports a wide variety of manufactures and partners that support this Media venue.

Streaming/Broadcasting Manufacturer Resources

Streaming/Broadcasting Manufacturers

Content creators, or people who are creating and monetizing their content, have almost doubled since 2020 to 303 million. Whether using YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, or other platforms to create content, these users need a PC that will keep up with their workload.

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