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Esports is at the center of some of the most important drivers in education encouraging an inclusive environment and nurturing social and emotional learning. A well-implemented esports program can promote student engagement, college recruitment, and retention by blending online and offline campus experiences which help to prepare students for future careers. Laying the right technological foundation and keeping technology up to date are important factors in staying competitive in this space and can be the key to building your esports program momentum. D&H offers the right components to outfit your esports facility to optimize your students' gaming experience.

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Why Esports?


Esports encourages an inclusive environment.

Students who had never participated in extra-curricular activities prior to esports make up nearly 80% of K12 Esports teams. Gaming does not require traditional athleticism, making it inclusive of all body types and physical ability. Esports even crosses social and gender lines creating opportunities for students to engage with diverse teams.

Social Learning

Esports nurtures social and emotional learning.

Team esports relies heavily on constant communication, collaboration, planning, and execution. Students learn to deal with intense emotions in a competitive environment while being supported by their teammates, ultimately building relationships and self-confidence.


Esports offers opportunities beyond K12.

Think esports is only a hobby? Think again! Currently, there are more than 200 colleges and universities offering nearly $15 million dollars in scholarships to high school students. This creates a new path to higher education for students who had not previously considered continuing their education and even opens doors to post-collegiate job opportunities.

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Broadcasting esports events is what draws in the crowds. This step is vital for esports programs looking to take it to the next level. Broadcast games on the internet so spectators can view from home or show the game on large format displays for an in-person experience like no other!

Streaming/Broadcasting Manufacturer Resources

Streaming/Broadcasting Manufacturers

Console gaming is a less-traditional option for esports, but one most gamers in the U.S. are comfortable with. 61% of gamers under 35 play video games via console in the U.S., while only 38% play via PC. Additionally some esports titles, like Rocket League, are playable on all platforms and most pros use console controllers even on PC.

Console Gaming Manufacturer Resources

Console Gaming Manufacturers

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