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- D&H Will Use New "Assessment, Implementation, & Management" Resources to Identify Services that Boost Value & Optimize Comprehensive Projects -

MISSISSAUGA, ONT - September 21, 2023 – D&H Canada, a major provider of SMB, mid-market, and consumer technologies to the North American channel, announces it has implemented a new "AIM" methodology focused on helping MSPs and VARs select appropriate services to attach to comprehensive, multi-vendor Modern Solutions. An acronym for "Assessment, Implementation, and Management," AIM refers to the detailed assessment and review of an end-to-end solutions stack that is tailored to the end-user's needs, and the implementation and management of complimentary services that add significant value to that overall project. These offerings are structured to make sure that partners are successful in providing the maximum value for end-users.

Through the AIM protocol, D&H Canada's team will make sure MSPs and VARs are aware of the full range of services applicable to projects in an array of categories, augmenting the partners' own capabilities, strengthening their brands, and increasing revenues whenever it's suitable. Projects can range from networking and wireless implementations, to complex ProAV or collaboration installations, to large-scale asset tagging of computing devices and device management for environments such as K-12 school districts.

D&H has developed a comprehensive "AIM Playbook" as a reference tool for the company's Solutions Experts, who will consult with partners and quickly identify the most appropriate services to attach in various applications. The team works on the assumption that nearly every project can derive considerable benefits from services. Once identified, those services can be provided by the partner, the end-customer's IT department, or by D&H Canada's team—whatever is most cost-effective. Services can also be white labeled as the partner's own offering, transparently augmenting their capabilities.

"D&H is focused on delivering the transformative, sophisticated, end-to-end Modern Solutions that the industry now demands," said Jason Bystrak, vice president of modern solutions at D&H Distributing. "Due to the complexity of this evolving market, just about every project will require some level of pre-sales assessment, implementation, and post-sales management to obtain a successful outcome. We've organized a thorough AIM offering so we can determine what type of services best attach to each project depending on the product category, client environment, delivery model, etc."

D&H's objective is to make the process of attaching services easy for partners, allowing them to provide compelling value for their end-customers while potentially expanding their margins or strengthening their brands.

"D&H Canada is well positioned to serve as an aggregator of these end-to-end solutions, helping MSPs and VARs to assemble a range of technology including high-margin services. The goal is to deliver the most comprehensive possible solution. D&H Canada wants to make sure services are part of the total customized solution, whether we're the ones to attach them to these projects, or the partner is," said Michelle Biase, general manager at D&H Canada. "We're excited to offer these services to the Canadian market. In addition to professional services, this would include offerings provided through the Configuration Centre, operational this year at our new and expanded Toronto Distribution Center. We'll leverage this centre to deliver integration services."

Many times, assessments simply come down to deciding which party will provide these services. For example, if a partner plans to conduct a wireless network upgrade, they will require a site survey to determine how many access points to deploy and where to locate them. D&H Canada will confirm whether the partner has the capacity to conduct this survey, or whether they'd like D&H to take it on instead. Due to economies of scale, it is often less expensive for D&H's team to conduct these tasks than it is for the partner to provide them directly.

"In all IT scenarios, someone has to implement and install the network. Someone also has to support and manage that network, ensuring that software remains current, security is diligently maintained, and issues receive a quick response," Bystrak continued. "In the AIM model, we simply review these requirements with our partners from the get-go, to make sure they are always able to deliver the most optimized end-to-end solutions. Whatever services they don't provide, we're here to supplement to help guarantee their success."

The AIM Methodology:

  • Assessment: This involves pre-sale services where D&H Canada's Solutions Experts will validate the full solution, review its environment, gather data, and assess the end-customer's business goals with partners. It includes pre-sale consultation on user profiles and application utilization to provide recommended device and productivity applications that will improve user experience.
  • Implementation: The team will support the deployment and activation of the full solution, to make sure it is utilized to optimal capacity. This can include White Glove services to apply asset tagging and custom imaging through Microsoft Autopilot; application migration; and user training to maximize productivity.
  • Management: This consists of post-sale services such as monitoring and remediation, preventative maintenance, and ongoing user support of the solution. It encompasses subscription services to manage software patch updates, security monitoring, and help desk services to support user questions or remediate issues.

Partners can visit for information, or call (800) 340-1008 to speak to a dedicated account representative.

About D&H Canada

D&H Canada supports resellers and MSP partners in the corporate, mid-market, small-to-midsize business, and government markets with endpoints and advanced technologies, as well as differentiated services. D&H is ready to fill new market needs created by consolidation in the marketplace. As D&H Canada enters its 15th year, its vendors and partners can be confident in its ability to provide a wealth of enablement resources, multi-market expertise, credit options, and consultative services. D&H Distributing has always been agile in response to the needs of its VAR and MSP partners as a 104 year-old company, demonstrating resilience through decades of industry mergers and market disruption, overcoming everything from wars and recessions to pandemics.

D&H Canada works to expand the competencies of its partners in areas such as cloud services, ProAV, collaboration, UCC, mobility, digital displays, smart home automation, video surveillance, digital imaging, and server networks across a range of markets. Its value proposition includes highly-lauded training opportunities and partner engagement events, dedicated specialists, certifications, professional marketing resources, and a digital Cloud Marketplace.

The distributor's Canadian headquarters is located in Brampton, ONT, and its US headquarters is in Harrisburg, PA. Additional warehouses are located in Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Fresno, CA; and Vancouver, BC, Canada. Engage with D&H Canada toll-free at (800) 340-1008, via, or follow the distributor's LinkedIn and Twitter feeds, and @dandh_ca.