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Provide your email address below and we will send your User ID information to the email address associated to this User ID.

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If we have record of your email address, an email will be sent to you containing your User ID.

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D&H Login FAQ
  • I forgot my password, can you reset it?

    Password reset requests need to be initiated by the user through the verified email address on file. Please enter your User ID in the field above and you will be emailed instructions on how to reset your password.

  • I forgot my User ID, can you give it to me?

    User IDs are only shared with verified email addresses. Enter the email you believe was used for your User ID and information will be emailed to you about your matching account.

  • We have one User ID for our account and don't have access to that email address.

    For security purposes, we can only share login information with verified email address. If the email address is for a different user in the office, you will need to coordinate with that user for the reset information along. We encourage accounts to have a unique login for each person using their account to avoid complications with password reset requests and security when employment status changes. Adding a new user is simple, when you login, select “Manage My Users” under My D&H.

    If you no longer have the email address available to your company, you will need to submit a new web commerce agreement.

  • I entered my User ID, but I did not get an email with reset information.

    We are sorry you are experiencing problems. It is possible you have entered your User ID incorrectly and we did not find information for a corresponding User ID. To keep your account secure, we do not alert users if they have typed in a User ID that does not match. This makes it impossible for someone to discover if they have guessed a valid User ID. You can verify your User ID by using the “Forgot Your User ID” form above. If issues continue, please use this form to request assistance.

  • I don't know the answer to my security question.

    Your account admin is able to reset your password, which will allow you to set a new security question and answer. If your account admin is not able to help you, use this form and a representative will be in touch with you.

  • My account is suspended.

    Accounts can be suspended for security purposes for many reasons such as failed login attempts or account activity. Please use this form to request a representative to assist you in unlocking your account.